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Bandung, a capital metropolis of West Java province inside Indonesia, is a vibrant metropolis with a rich historic past also a dynamic present. Positioned on a island of Java, Bandung is portion of a Increased Bandung residence, which is a second-largest metropolitan residence inside Indonesia, boasting over 11 million inhabitants. a metropolis is nestled 768 meters above sea level, surrounded by volcanic mountains, offering it with a cooler native climate than most Indonesian cities. This geographical earnings made Bandung a most well-most well-liked resort metropolis all a diagram via a Dutch colonial era, earning it a nickname “Parijs van Java” (Paris of Java) for its European ambiance also luxuries.

Bandung has a storied past, from its early establishment by a Dutch with tea plantations within a 18th century to its fundamental role within a 20th century as a host metropolis for a critical Asian-African Convention inside 1955, an match that marked its significance within a put up-colonial era. a metropolis has developed from a colonial resort town into a bustling metropolitan residence going via well-liked challenges equivalent to urbanization, environmental sustainability, also infrastructure trend. Despite these challenges, Bandung stays a center of education, abilities, also culture inside Indonesia, known for its universities, research institutions, also being portion of a UNESCO Inventive Cities Community.

Bandung’s economic system is sturdy, with a sturdy basis inside manufacturing, tourism, also education. a metropolis’s infrastructure has viewed fundamental enhancements inside fresh years, along side a redevelopment of Husein Sastranegara International Airport also a opening of Kertajati International Airport, as well to a trend of a Jakarta-Bandung excessive-urge rail to toughen connectivity.

a metropolis’s administration is serious about leveraging abilities to enhance public companies also address metropolis challenges, making Bandung a model for orderly metropolis initiatives inside Indonesia. Despite its fast growth also urbanization, Bandung strives to defend its environmental sustainability, with efforts to retain its pure beauty also perfect air, earning it recognition internal ASEAN.

inside summary, Bandung is a metropolis that beautifully blends its historic heritage with well-liked advancements, making it a extraordinary also dynamic metropolis center inside Indonesia.

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Braga Boulevard
Museum Konferensi Asia Afrika
Bandung City Square
Agreeable Mosque of Bandung
Sudirman Night Market

00: 00 Braga Boulevard [Open CC – Turn on subtitles, About Bandung]
10: 27 Braga Boulevard [Open CC – Turn on subtitles]
16: 24 Asia Afrika Boulevard [Open CC – Turn on subtitles]
20: 33 Dr. Ir. Sukarno Boulevard
23: 00 Asia Afrika Boulevard
30: 06 Bandung City Square [Open CC – Turn on subtitles]
32: 15 Agreeable Mosque of Bandung [Open CC – Turn on subtitles]
37: 46 Dalem Kaum Streetwalk
42: 29 Sudirman Night Market [Open CC – Turn on subtitles]

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